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World Food Day 2020: Orange Trees and Slow Solutions

15 October 2020

As we celebrate World Food Day this Friday 16 October, Jamie Loveday from FoodLab Sydney asks us to pause and…


Dr Dalia Nassar Presents The Iain McCalman Lecture 2021

28 September 2020

The Sydney Environment Institute is thrilled to announce Dr Dalia Nassar as our keynote speaker for the 2021 Iain McCalman…


Introducing SEI’s Event Programme for Semester 2

07 September 2020

As we slowly return to campus, SEI will be entertaining and informing you from the comfort of your home with…


Reimagining Policy in Wild Times

22 September 2020

Jamie Wang reflects on the launch of Wild Policy: Indigeneity and the Unruly Logics of Intervention, by Tess Lea. Wild.…


Undermining Impacts: The Social Costs of The Vickery Extension

01 September 2020

An extension on the Whitehaven coal mine has been approved on the basis of social benefits, however, social impact experts…


Money Talks: Making Sense of Divestment

09 September 2020

Following the Money Talks event which brought together industry, activists and researchers, Tanya Fiedler, Alastair Fraser, Lisa Heinze and David…