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Sites of Violence: Music, Trauma and the Non-Verbal Voice

08 October 2020

Composer Damien Ricketson reflects on the medium and metaphor of voice for communicating through sound and through silence. Charlotte Wood’s…


Salt in the Wound: Social Impacts, Public Health and the Narrabri Gas Project

14 August 2020

The proposed Narrabri Gas Project flouts dire climate predictions and as Dr. Alison Ziller argues, the negative, but lesser publicised,…


Nature in Culture: Learning to Value Empirical but Intangible Truths

09 July 2020

Reflecting on Niuean scholar Dr Jess Pasisi’s work in Episode 4 of Re-(E)mergence of Nature in Culture Multimedia Series, Genevieve…


World Food Day 2020: Orange Trees and Slow Solutions

15 October 2020

As we celebrate World Food Day this Friday 16 October, Jamie Loveday from FoodLab Sydney asks us to pause and…


Emergent Practice for Urgent Times

24 August 2020

Zsuzsanna Ihar and Hayley Singer reflect on the recent Multispecies Justice workshop series, Interdisciplinarity in a More-Than-Human World. It was…