AGRIFOOD XXI: Food Planet People

Monday 24 - Wednesday 26 November 2014

This event has passed


National Centre for Indigenous Excellence, 160-188 George St, Redfern, NSW



Never in human history has our interconnected global food system faced the diversity, intensity, and urgency of challenges that it faces today. Our global population has exploded, with an unprecedented raw number of these new people, especially women and children, struggling to eat well, or eat at all. Our climate is changing, partially in response to the overtaxing of our precious food-producing natural and human environments, putting these limited ecologies and social systems at risk. What’s more, the physical substance and choices of food are themselves evolving in accordance with new ways of growing, raising, gathering processing, consuming, and living.


This is the time when conversations about food need to extend beyond the kitchen and into the fields, forests and fisheries so that theory and practise might co-evolve to spark much needed changes in practice, policy, and attitudes. The AgriFood XXI Conference will combine activists, academics, practitioners, students and professionals to offer a wealth of practical and lived experiences towards understanding and bettering linkages with our nutrients. And with these varied experiences AgriFood brings equally diverse perspectives, from social justice, environmental sustainability and responsibility, culture and gender issues, and many more, together to one table to talk about food.



  • Food in the City
    Saturday 22 November, 8am – 2.30pm
    Spend a day discovering the markets of inner Sydney!

  • The World Food Tour
    Sunday 23 November,  10am – 3pm
    Share a range of food experiences in Sydney’s multicultural heartland of Bankstown