Book Launch: The Future of Nature & Global Population

Wednesday 26 February 2014

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Dockside, Cockle Bay Wharf, Darling Park, Sydney.


Book Title: The Future of Nature
Authours: Libby Robin, Sverker Sörlin, Paul Warde

Winner the 2013 New England Book Festival given by the JM Northern Media Family of Festivals, in the Compilations/Anthologies Category.

This anthology provides an historical overview of the scientific ideas behind environmental prediction and how, as predictions about environmental change have been taken more seriously and widely, they have affected politics, policy, and public perception. Through an array of texts and commentaries that examine the themes of progress, population, environment, biodiversity and sustainability from a global perspective, it explores the meaning of the future in the twenty-first century. Providing access and reference points to the origins and development of key disciplines and methods, it will encourage policy makers, professionals, and students to reflect on the roots of their own theories and practices.

“The Future of Nature is a very unusual type of book as it consists of largely natural science texts edited and organized by three humanities scholars…It will be extremely useful in bringing together in one volume a selection of foundational texts for the prevailing thinking about future global change.”—Poul Holm, Trinity College, Dublin