Business and Organisational Responses – Symposium

Thursday 21 March 2013

This event has passed


The Refectory, Holme Building Science Road, The University of Sydney


Exploring how businesses as social actors have responded to climate change.

Co-presented with the Sydney Business School

Climate change represents one of the greatest social, economic and political challenges facing humanity, requiring new forms of governance and leadership within the private and public realms. As key actors within our globalised economy, the modern business corporation is both a major contributor to our current path of unsustainable greenhouse gas emissions, as well as a key source of innovation necessary in transitioning to a low-emissions future. This research group explores how businesses as social actors have responded to climate change in different ways. This includes not only the development of new and more environmentally sustainable products and services, but also their role in policy debates surrounding energy and carbon emissions regulation. We consider the role of business as corporate citizens and the implications for social governance.

ParticipantsAndy HoffmanChristopher WrightJohn DryzekStephan LewandowskyGreg BourneMatthew BellTim NelsonEmma HerdTony ColemanMaurizio FlorisChristopher WrightSusan BennKen TannSally Russell.