Environmental Justice in Australia – Symposium

Friday 3 May 2013

This event has passed


Law School Foyer Level 2, Sydney Law School University of Sydney


Discussing inequity and the exclusion from political decision-making.

Presented by the Sydney Social Justice Network in partnership with Sydney Network on Climate Change and Society and the Australian Centre for Climate and Environmental Law.

Environmental Justice has been an issue for environmental and social movements for the past three decades. Starting in the US, and originally focused on the inequity in the distribution of environmental risks to poor communities and communities of colour, the use of the concept has spread across the globe, and been applied to an ever-widening range of issues. Communities have also used environmental justice to discuss not only inequity, but also the lack of recognition for their issues and cultures, the exclusion from political decision-making, and the endangerment of the very functioning of their communities.

David SchlosbergLinda ConnorScott FranksPeter MartinJames WhelanWayne SmithPhil McManusRosemary Lyster Jessica HarwoodKim de RijkeMichelle MaloneyElizabeth McKinnonCam Walker; Rebecca Pearse