Everyday Militarisms – Public Symposium

Image by Vladislav Nikonov on Unsplash
Friday, 26 April 2019, 9.00am -4.30pm

This event has passed


Case Study Lecture Theatre 1050, Abercrombie Business School



University of Sydney Partnership Collaboration Grants, The Seedbox, Critical Militarization, Policing, and Security Studies Group, UC Davis

This event is part of the week-long Everyday Militarisms Collaboratory.

This symposium brings together scholars, artists and activists working across the broad theme of “everyday militarisms” in order to illuminate some of the underexamined, but vitally connected ways in which militarized infrastructures, languages, logics and matters pervade our everyday lives—for better or worse. The day will comprise a number of scholarly and creative presentations across four different panels, followed by responses and Q&A with the audience. Coffee/tea and lunch will be provided.


Caren Kaplan, Jennifer Terry, Lindsay Kelley, Ann Elias, Anja Kanngieser, Xan Chacko, Safdar Ahmed, Snack Syndicate (Astrid Lorange and Andrew Brooks), Natalie Osborne

For panelist biographies, click here.

Registration is free and includes lunch and coffee/tea – all welcome! 

The Everyday Militarisms Collaboratory (University of Sydney, 23 – 26 April) will bring together researchers, artists, activists and other professionals to generate new perspectives and dialogue on the ways in which militarisms are inseparable from everyday life. Addressing pressing questions about the sustainability of human and other life both within and outside of a militarised existence, this collaboratory brings these issues to greater academic and public scrutiny.