Extinction and Biocultural Conservation

Wednesday 19 June, 9.00am - 5.00pm

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RD Watt Seminar Room (203), RD Watt Building (A04), Science Road, University of Sydney


This symposium is part of the series Thinking and Enacting Justice in a Multispecies World (12 – 21 June) run by the FASS FutureFix Research Theme ‘Multispecies Justice

As we slide ever more deeply into the Earth’s sixth mass extinction event, experiences of environmental loss are deepening and intensifying. The impacts of both these losses and the multiple efforts to mitigate them ripple out into the lives, livelihoods, and cultural practices of local people and the more-than-human landscape. They do so, however, in profoundly unequal ways: Indigenous and rural communities are often particularly impacted on by these processes of loss for a range of cultural and economic reasons.

This symposium aims to explore:

  • Environmental losses, and efforts to stem them, in a way that attends to their entanglements with diverse human and nonhuman lives, as well as the broader systems of extraction, colonisation, and consumption that are driving these processes
  • The politics of loss: which losses are (or count as) visible, material, consequential?
  • Possibilities for creative intervention—from artists, writers, local communities, and others—that aim to open up space for learning to better see and respond to these processes.

Keynote Speakers


About the Thinking and Enacting Justice in a Multispecies World series:

As the pressures of human exploitation of the planet intensify, it is becoming increasingly apparent that our existing frameworks for conceptualising justice are not up to the task of attending to the multiple dimensions and experiences of injustice amongst humans, non-human animals, and the environment.

Bringing together scholars working in a range of disciplines across the globe, the aim of this series is to establish and lay the foundations for a research agenda on multispecies justice. Together, we hope to start mapping the state of the field and its possible trajectory into the future.

Download the event public programme and series flyer for more information.