Food and Climate Justice in Vanuatu

Friday 8 August 12.00 - 1.00pm

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Carslaw 273, Carslaw Building, Eastern Ave, The University of Sydney




Discussing the impacts that climate change is having on the communities in Vanuatu

with Mala Silas and Shirley Laban, OXFAM

This seminar will provide a first-hand opportunity to hear from two people at the frontline of food security and climate change in the Pacific. Mala Silas is 25 years old and a Field Officer with CARE International in Vanuatu, working on this island of Futuna.  The program is focussed on food and agriculture including community gardens and nutrition. Shirley Laban is manager of  Oxfam’s climate change program in Vanuatu and coordinates both the Vanuatu Climate Action Network and Pacific Island Climate Action Network. She also spent three months in Australia last year on a Prime Minister’s Scholarship. Mala and Shirley both represented Vanuatu at last year’s UN climate summit in Warsaw. Oxfam are CARE International in Vanuatu are part of the Vanuatu NGO Climate Change Adaptation Program – a consortium of organizations funded by DFAT and coordinated by Oxfam.

This seminar is being held in conjunction with Oxfam International’s Food and Climate Justice strategy and its GROW campaign. Oxfam International has been a global leader in campaigning for governments to respond to the inter-related problems of climate change and food security. Oxfam argues that wild weather and unpredictable seasons are changing what farmers can grow and is making people hungry. Food prices are going up. Food quality is going down. Soon, climate change will affect what all of us can eat.

Australia’s neighbours in the South Pacific are at high risk from these developments. In this seminar, our two women speakers will tell of the impacts that climate change is having on the communities in Vanuatu and the ways in which people are working to adapt to these changes.