For the animals that didn’t have a daddy to put them on the boat

Wednesday 6 November 2013 12.30 - 2.00pm

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R.C Mills Boardroom 148, Level 1, R.C Mills Building, The University of Sydney


For the Animals That Didn’t Have a Daddy to Put Them on the Boat’: Environmental Management in the Anthropocene

Professor David Schlosberg,

Co-Director, Sydney Environment Institute, University of Sydney
Co-Hosted with the Sydney Environment Institute

Chaired and Responses from Professor Nikolas Kompridis, University of Western Sydney

In Summary:

Taking its title from the environmental cautionary tale, Beasts of the Southern Wild, this paper presented by SEI co-director and co-author of Climate-Challenged Society, Professor David Schlosberg, examined environmental management in an age in which humans dominate both the climate and environment, the age of the Anthropocene. The presentation explored four normative frameworks that potentially shape environmental management in this unprecedented epoch. The first three, common in discussions around our rapidly changing climate, included the notion of limits, conservation and technological intervention.

The presentation departed from the familiar to conclude with a proposal for a normative framework that could reshape the way in which humans perceive and attempt to control the natural world, that of ecological receptivity and reflexivity.

Co-hosted with the Institute for Democracy and Human Rights, the discussion was chaired by IDHR director Professor John Keane with a response from the CEO of Greenpeace Australia Pacific, David Ritter. The interdisciplinary nature of the panel highlighted the importance of a holistic approach to environmental management that draws together academics, research institutes and NGOs as we shift further into the age of the Anthropocene.


by Alix Pearce