Ghostly Aesthetics: Localising Sunlit Noir

Image by Artic Photo via Shutterstock. ID - 1367341868
Monday 14 October 2019
9.30am - 3.30pm

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RD Watt Seminar Room 203, RD Watt Building, Science Road, the University of Sydney


As part of the Sites of Violence research project.

“Some internal compass will just unconsciously follow that trail of breadcrumbs and before you know it you’ll be snug up in your bed and dreaming once again …Dreaming of other homes you once made. Other spots, other places, other nests. Remember the feeling? The Light. The smell. The unnameable thing that turns a simple set of coordinates into some psychic shelter rooted deep inside of you. How will you find your way home? How will you know it once you’re there.”
Geoff Soebelle (Creator/Performer) – ‘Home’ 

The workshop aims to unpack, reshape and reimagine our ‘home’ by looking beyond the literal – beyond the rooflines, the bricks, the fences and lawns. Using concepts of sunlit noir as a scaffolding this group of academics, artists and practitioners will explore home, as place and landscape to reframe this genre in their own local aesthetic expression.

The outcomes of this workshop will contribute to the staging and lighting design concepts in the theatrical production of ‘the foul of the air’.

Convenor: Michelle St Anne, Deputy Director, Sydney Environment Institute

For more information, or if you would like to attend, please send a one sentence expression of interest to Michelle St Anne (michelle.stanne@sydney.edu.au)