#7 Global food, nutrition security & climate change

Monday 24 November 2014
6.00 - 7.30pm

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Law School Foyer Level 2, Sydney Law School The University of Sydney



In association with Sydney Ideas

How will a changing climate affect global food production and global hunger? What do we know and what needs to be done?

In association with Sydney Ideas

In March 2014, the Inter-Governmental Panel on Climate Change released the 5th Assessment Report of Working Group II, responsible for considering human adaptation to climate change. The Report presented a sobering, state-of-the-art assessment of how forecasts of climate change might affect global food systems. This is a complex area for future-gazing. Key assumptions about the interactions between climate change, agricultural production and the broader food system remain subject to considerable doubt. The three speakers in this Sydney Ideas/ food@Sydney seminar will address this important set of issues.

Chair: Professor Elspeth Probyn, Department of Gender & Cultural Studies

Associate Professor Bill Pritchard, School of Geosciences
Dr. John Ingram , University of Oxford
Debbie Hunt, Oxfam Australia

Bill Pritchard is an Associate Professor in Human Geography specialising in agriculture, food and rural places. His is interested in the ways that global and local processes are transforming places, industries and people’s lives. He remains a skeptical internationalist – believing in the promise of a better world but frustrated by the obstacles that beset this objective. Bill has undertaken research for a number of leading national and international organisations, and his work is cited widely within professional circles. He is an author of three books, an editor of a further four, and has published around 50 refereed articles and chapters. He has been engaged in several major consulting research projects, and given over 50 conference presentations. Since 2004 he has been involved in a series of research projects on rural issues and food security in India, and in 2013, spoke about this at the Sydney TEDX Conference at the Sydney Opera House. Bill is chair of the Food, People and the Planet node of the Sydney Environment Institute, and co-chair of the Global Food and Nutritional Security research node of the Charles Perkins Centre.

John Ingram gained extensive experience during the 1980s working in East and Southern Africa, and South Asia in agriculture, forestry and agroecology research projects. In 1991 he was recruited by the UK’s Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) to help organise and coordinate research on global change and agroecology as part of International Geosphere-Biosphere Programme. In 2001 he was appointed Executive Officer for the Earth System Science Partnership’s Joint Project ‘Global Environmental Change and Food Systems’ (GECAFS). On the close of GECAFS in 2011, he became NERC’s ‘Food Security Leader’. Since May 2013 he has led the Food Systems Programme in the University of Oxford’s Environmental Change Institute.

Debbie Hunt has been the NSW & ACT State Campaign and Engagement Coordinator for Oxfam Australia for the past four years, in this role Debbie is responsible for the roll out of campaigns on a number of issues including Indigenous Health, Labour Rights, Gender Justice, International Aid and Development as well as climate change and food Security.

Debbie has a B Politics and Policy and a Masters of Social Change and Development in which she specialized in Food Security and Rural Sustainable Development. Debbie not only has academic knowledge in this area but applies practical application of her knowledge of climate change adaptation techniques on her small organic fruit and nut farm on the Southern Highlands on NSW, where she lives with her family.