Grand Challenge Lecture Series

Friday May 30 2014 3.30 - 5.00pm

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P514, P Block, QUT Gardens Point Campus


As the world undergoes significant environmental changes, questions are being asked about how we can achieve a sustainable balance between the environment and society.

Presented by The Queensland University of Technology and The Institute for Future Environments.

SEI Co-Director David Schlosberg speaks as part of the Grand Challenge Lecture Series. “For the animals that didn’t have a dad to put them in the boat, the end of the world already happened.”

Hushpuppy, in the film Beasts of the Southern Wild, lays out the dilemma of environmental management in the anthropocene: in a climate-changing world, what we mean by “the environment” is now unstable, with human actions affecting the very makeup, functioning and evolution of global and local ecosystems and habitats. He will examine four possible normative underpinnings for human management of this climate-changing environment, starting with the idea of limits and boundaries, the traditional conception of the conservation of a past, and the hubris of human technological intervention. The fourth is a proposal for a conception of ecological receptivity – a ‘politics of sight’ that makes visible human immersion in natural systems.

The anthropocene will not recede, and the central question of environmental management will be whether we can develop productive and fecund ways to reflexively and sustainably manage ecosystems, habitats and human needs.

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