The Great Australian Bight Workshop

Tuesday 23 April, 2019 9.00 - 4.30PM

This event has passed


CCANESA Boardroom, Madsen Building, Eastern Avenue, University of Sydney


The Great Australian Bight represents one of the last remaining and most valuable pristine marine ecosystems in Australia – home to diverse marine life, aquaculture and ecotourism resources.

The vexing challenge confronting the Australian community is how to facilitate energy security, in an era lacking an energy policy for managing Australia’s liquid fuel reserves, while balancing the need for environmental protection of Australia’s fragile marine ecosystems. The pressing issue of whether to permit offshore petroleum drilling in the Great Australian Bight raises vital and often understudied questions about our future – ecological, economic and demographic – which can only be answered through multi-disciplinary perspectives.

This workshop brings together academics, researchers, stakeholders and educators from a range of disciplines and backgrounds for a novel examination of the question of drilling within the Great Australian Bight. The aim of the workshop is to explore the extent to which offshore drilling should be allowed, whether it can be undertaken without  significant and/or long lasting environmental impacts and socio-economic conflicts and what distribution of benefits and harms it might entail. The workshop will also examine the strengths and weaknesses of governance of offshore resources in light of comparative offshore drilling case studies, and will hopefully draw some lessons for the environmental protection of marine ecosystems and the role of mining in Australia’s future.

This is a closed workshop. 

For more information, please contact Michelle St Anne (michelle.stanne@sydney.edu.au).