Hidden in Plain Sight: Everyday Militarisms in and Around Sydney Harbour

Thursday, 25 April 2019, 8.00am - 3.00pm

This event has passed


Hyde Park, Royal Botanical Gardens, Cockatoo Island, Olympic Park/Rhodes



University of Sydney Partnership Collaboration Grants, The Seedbox, Critical Militarization, Policing, and Security Studies Group, UC Davis

This event is part of the week-long Everyday Militarisms Collaboratory.

On this “alternative” ANZAC Day walkshop we will collectively explore militarisms hidden in plain sight around Sydney Harbour, paying particular attention to Indigenous histories, artistic practices, sensory perception, and cultural memory. We will move from Hyde Park to the Botanical gardens, and then via ferry, to Cockatoo Island and Olympic Park/Rhodes.

Guides: Uncle Jimmy Smith, Katja Aglert, Helary Ngo, Clare Nicholson

Registration is essential (Limited to 10 participants). 

The Everyday Militarisms Collaboratory (University of Sydney, 23 – 26 April) will bring together researchers, artists, activists and other professionals to generate new perspectives and dialogue on the ways in which militarisms are inseparable from everyday life. Addressing pressing questions about the sustainability of human and other life both within and outside of a militarised existence, this collaboratory brings these issues to greater academic and public scrutiny.