‘Hope in the Dark’ – The 2016 National Environment Meeting

Thursday 20 - Sunday 23 October 2016

This event has passed


University of Sydney


Challenging our commonly held assumptions on the Australian environment

The Sydney Environment Institute, in partnership with Greenpeace Australia Pacific and the Nature Conservation Council of NSW. 

A National Environment Meeting has been held annually since 2014, and strives to be a forum for environmentalists across Australia to meet, network, and discuss key issues facing the environmental movement.
This year, NEM is expanding to include academic and public streams, an exciting development that will broaden the focus of this event and allow many different environmentalists to share their knowledge and skills.

The National Environment Meeting 2016 ‘Hope In The Dark’ will be held October 20-23 at the University of Sydney.

Over these four days, a series of panels, workshops and guest speakers will speak on challenges facing the environmental movement, new ways of adapting to changing conditions, and provide essential skills for combating key issues in our sector.

For more information on NEM2016, visit our website here: https://nationalenvironmentmeeting.com.au/ 

Thursday 20th of October

NEM2016 will launch with a public media event held at the University of Sydney. Our phenomenal speakers will discuss ‘Truth & Beauty: What We’re Talking About When We Talk About The Environment’. This panel is open to all, and promises to be highly informative and challenge our commonly held assumptions on the Australian environment.

Friday 21st of October

A closed day for NGO staffers, activists and allied scholars. There will be four panels discussing crucial issues for the environmental sector, with key speakers providing their own knowledge and experience on how we can grow as a movement.

We will also hear from our keynote speaker on their work within the environmental movement, and their vision for a future challenged by environmental degradation and climate change.

The day will end with drinks and networking, to be held at the University of Sydney.

Saturday 22nd of October

The third day of NEM2016 (combined with the first day of the Nature Conservation Council of NSW’s Annual Conference) is open to all members of the public, and anybody with a passion and commitment for helping the fight for a sustainable Australia.

Opening with a ‘Politics and the Environment’ panel, we will hear from a broad cross-section of politicians about their Party’s position on environmental issues. Six skill-orientated workshops will be offered twice during the day to provide learning opportunities for all attendees.

The third day of NEM2016 will be closed with the NSW Environment Awards, which celebrate and acknowledge outstanding environmental campaigners in our community. This event will be MC’d by Australian cartoonist First Dog on the Moon.

Sunday 23rd of October

The fourth and final day of NEM2016 will be the Nature Conservation Council of NSW’s Annual General Meeting, to be held at the University of Sydney. Voting at this meeting is closed to member delegates, however attending and observing is welcome to all members of the public. Speakers at the AGM will include Shadow Minister of the Environment Penny Sharpe and Green’s Environment Spokesperson Mehreen Farqui.