in conversation: She Only Barks at Night

Saturday 6 September 2014
4.00 - 5.00pm

This event has passed


Macleay Museum, Gosper Lane, The University of Sydney


Discussing why “hysterical” women dressed themselves in skins and feathers

In association with Sydney Ideas and The Living Room Theatre

Get a rare after-hours peak into the insides and outsides of (dead) animals at Sydney’s most original museum and have all your most obscure and perverse taxidermy questions answered by Museum Curator Dr Jude Philp.

Theatre-maker Michelle St Anne , The Living Room Theatre will discuss her brave ambitions to create a work around the concept of female hysteria in the 19th century – when hysteria was as common as stuffing and household , every household had a few! While “ hysterical” women dressed themselves in skins and feathers, the men conversed over stuffed skins – and everything and everyone was pickled in spirits of wine.

Hosted by Dr Lian Loke, Design Lab of the University of Sydney, this unique developing collaboration between museum and artist aims to understand how society views its own behaviour and conceals its own oddities at different times. The event will bring together performance ideas, curation and history to be enjoyed with music and wine.

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