I just wanted to be alone with her

Image by Nathaniel Fay
Thursday 6 September -
Saturday 8 September 2018

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107 Redfern St,
Redfern NSW 2016



The Living Room Theatre

“The aged are often unseen, unheard. Of all shock climate events, heatwaves are the most lethal. With an ageing population and many living alone, I hope we begin to see, hear and listen for our elderly neighbours.”

‘I just wanted to be alone with her’ is a new chamber work on the physical, ethical and emotional resonances of the life of an elderly woman, living on her own, who collapses during a heatwave.

This collaboration between the Sydney Environment Institute and The Living Room Theatre – developed from SEI’s research into artistic communication of academic knowledge surrounding heatwaves explores the impact of heat on an ageing population.

Michelle St Anne, Kate Gorman and musician Mary Rapp merge with field recordings, conducted by the Sydney Environment Institute, of people living in extreme heat, exploring a fusion of image, voice and sound and what it is to die alone.


Michelle St Anne is an Animateur and performer who works across practice to create evocative environments.
She is interested the underbelly of life, of those at the periphery of society.

Kate Gorman is a writer, director and performer who has worked in the entertainment industry for the last 25 years. This is her 4th collaboration with The Living Room Theatre, the first being in 2003 in Man 40 seeks Woman with Good Legs.

Roma St Anne is a retired school teacher who has recently found herself in her daughters performance works.

Mary Rapp is a cellist/double bassist/vocalist, is a multidisciplinary musician who has gained wide acclaim for her distinctive approach, which integrates jazz, experimental, classical, and regional music traditions.

Laura Turner works across video, performance, installation and theatre. She is most interested in presenting work that blends various art forms.

reinhardtjung [architecture and design in theory and practice] are dagmar reinhardt and alexander jung. We dream up spaces for installations and theatres and people. Through discussions, sketches, digital crafting and sometimes robotics. We are interested in the tactility of material, colour, time in architecture, and conceptual design.

Eduardo De Oliveira Barata’s interests lie within the realm of computational design strategies in order to inform building, robotic fabrication and digital design models. His work spans buildings, installations, exhibitions and publications.