Making Space III: Launching the Ocean

1 May 2019, 6.00pm - 8.00pm

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107 Redfern St, Redfern NSW 2016


Making Space is the latest public program from the Sydney Environment Institute, and this time, we’ve added a twist. Curated by Michelle St Anne, this off-campus series partners with 107 Projects to ask what happens when performers, artists and academics approach the act of ‘making space’ hand in hand.

Each month, we explore questions of evolution and creativity in uncertain times, by throwing together unlikely bedfellows to recraft and react though conversation, performance, improvisation and collaboration.

Post conversation, there will be a bespoke experimental music performance, curated by E M U S (Exploratory Music Sydney) an organisation promoting improvised, exploratory, experimental music and sound art in Sydney and its surrounds.

With this series, we hope to create an environment that celebrates making space for dreaming, imagination, collaboration in the face of uncertain futures, and most importantly, making space for each other.

Making Space III: Launching the Ocean

Join us for final event in the Making Space series as we ‘Launch the Ocean’ with  the release of two new books: Coral Empire: Underwater Oceans, Colonial Tropics, Visual Modernity by Ann Elias and The Aesthetics of the Undersea, coedited by Killian Quigley and Margaret Cohen. The conversation between the authors hosted by Professor Maria Byrne will be captured live and reinterpreted into a unique sound experience that will transform the gardens of 107 into imaginings of the undersea.


Ann Elias has a PhD in art history from the University of Auckland and her research interests include: camouflage as a military, social and aesthetic phenomenon; flowers and their cultural history; coral reef imagery of the underwater realm. Ann’s current book, Coral Empire, will be published by Duke University Press and concerns photographic and cinematic representations of the underwater at the colonial tropics in the early twentieth century. She is a Key Researcher with the Sydney Environment Institute, a serving member of the International Committee of the College Art Association of America, and International Liaison for the Art Association of Australia and New Zealand.

Killian Quigley researches the poetic, aesthetic, and broader cultural histories of environments and ecosystems. He is focused, especially, on marine – and above all submarine – contexts. With Margaret Cohen, of Stanford University, he is co-editor of The Aesthetics of the Undersea, forthcoming late 2018 from Routledge Environmental Humanities. Killian is currently at work on a monograph, entitled Submarine Poetics, which proposes that cultural histories of the undersea which focus primarily on technologies of access have tended to simplify rich and polysemous legacies of subaqueous poetics and aesthetics.

Maria Byrne is Director of the University of Sydney’s One Tree Island Research Station in the Great Barrier Reef. Prof Byrne is an expert in the biology and ecology of marine invertebrates with a current focus on the impacts of climate change. In research funded by the ARC over the last 20 years, Professor Byrne has investigated the role of the evolution of development in generating larval diversity and as a mechanism underlying speciation in the sea. Professor Byrne served as President of Australian Marine Sciences Association and on the boards of the National Oceans Advisory Group and the Federation of Australian Scientific and Technological Societies. She has published over 170 refereed articles and book chapters.

Sound Artists:
Gail Priest (solo) & Baptism (Solly Frank & Charlie Sundborn)


The Making Space series is part of Sydney Environment Institute’s Sites of Violence research project.