Narratives of displacement and property in Sydney

Wednesday 14 September 2016
1.00 - 2.00pm

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Madsen Rm 449, Madsen Building, Eastern Ave, The University of Sydney


Explore current innovations in geographical research and cutting edge trends in socio- spatial theory throughout this seminar series.

Geographers and the Environment with Alistair Sisson (Geosciences post-grad) 

Pratichi Chatterjee

Urban studies literature has often characterised displacement as a process of physical dislocation. More recent work however, has begun to understand it as the loss of lived space, which occurs as much through spatial transformations, as it does through an actual physical move. This has directed studies to adopt a more phenomenological approach which investigates people’s actual experiences of displacement as a consequence of the dismantling of the physical and social spaces on which they are dependent. In this context I will present an overview of research that I am about to commence, which explores residents’ experiences of displacement in Sydney, resulting from urbanisation and redevelopment projects. Processes of displacement inevitably throw into contestation different claims to space, or different people-place relations, articulated by residents, state authorities and developers deployed to effect, counter and negotiate displacement. I will aim to investigate these varied property and property like claims and the different understandings of space which underpin them. Following this I raise questions about whether processes of displacement measure up against ideas of distributive justice, and if displacement can in fact be legitimised.