Recognising Professor Maria Byrne’s Contribution to Marine Science at The University of Sydney

Image provided by Maria Byrne.
Monday 13 August 2018
5.30 - 7.30pm

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Law Lounge,
New Law School
University of Sydney



The School of Life and Environmental Sciences

Celebrating Professor Maria Byrne’s 30-year contribution to the University

Maria Byrne is a Professor of Marine and Developmental Biology at the University of Sydney, and over the past three decades at the University, she has established herself as one of the leading international experts in echinoderm biology.

For 12 years, Professor Byrne was the director of One Tree Island Research Station, the University’s facility on the Great Barrier Reef. In recent years her work has involved the quantification of the impacts of climate change stressors, ocean warming and ocean acidification on fundamental biological processes including growth, physiology, development and calcification. This research investigates the responses of marine invertebrates across life stages to climate change and has involved species from the tropics to the poles.

Her current research investigates the potential for climate adaptation and merges her two main areas of research: evolutionary development and global change.

Professor Byrne is an exceptional ambassador for the discipline and the University. She has published a book on Australian Echinoderms (recently nominated for a Royal Zoological Society of NSW 2018 Whitely Award), 31 book chapters and 248 refereed papers, and her research has been cited over 8,500 times. She has mentored over 50 honours and postgraduate students including more than 30 PhD students, helping to develop the next generation of researchers in her discipline.

In this National Science Week event, The Sydney Environment Institute and The School of Life and Environmental Sciences are proud to acknowledge Professor Maria Byrne’s ongoing contribution to the field.

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