Oceanic Thinking Workshop

Bondi Icebergs, image by Raj Eiam via Unsplash.
Wednesday 30 October 2019
9.00am - 5.00pm

This event has passed


CCANESA Boardroom, Madsen Building, Eastern Avenue, University of Sydney


The Floor of Sydney Harbour project is proud to bring Steve Mentz, Professor of English at St John’s University, to Sydney for a series of events that will connect the undersea of New York with the floor of Sydney Harbour.

The underwater is not simply a space of nature: it has always been a cultural space, penetrated by technologies, industries, myths, and imaginations. The Oceanic Thinking workshop will focus on human and historical meanings of oceans, emerging from the reality that oceans cover most of the earth’s surface and are not asocial spaces, but spaces impacted by, and impactful on, culture and society. The Floor of Sydney Harbour project itself is also a response to a warming planet and the increasing need to engage with historical and cultural analysis that focuses on the underwater of harbours, oceans, reefs and tidal waterways.

For more information about this workshop, please contact Ann Elias (ann.elias@sydney.edu.au).

Steve Mentz is a Professor of English at St John’s University, New York. He has directly engaged with port and harbour studies in New York and Bristol, and has authored numerous publications including Shipwreck Modernity: Ecologies of Globalization 1550-1719, (2015) and At the Bottom of Shakespeare’s Ocean (2009). A forthcoming book in the Bloomsbury’s Object Lessons series is titled Ocean.

Steve Mentz is a member of The Floor of Sydney Harbour focus group of experts in the humanities, arts, and sciences that also includes Emeritus Professor Iain McCalman (Historian, Sydney), Michelle St Anne (Deputy Director Sydney Environment Institute), art historian Dr Anita Callaway (Department of Art History, Sydney University), Dr Killian Quigley (literary scholar and Post-doctoral Fellow, Sydney University), Dr Astrida Neimanis (environmental politics Sydney University), William Figueira (professor of marine science at Sydney University), and Brigitte Sommer, Postdoctoral Fellow in marine science at Sydney.

Professor Steve Mentz will giving a keynote lecture, Swimming Into the Blue Humanities, on Tuesday 29 October, 2019. Register here.