Philosophy on the Ground: Changing Values in a Changing Climate

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Monday 2 November 2020
6.00 - 7.30pm

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Online Event (Zoom)


The University of Sydney Philosophy Society (PhilSoc)

PhilSoc in conversation with Dr Killian Quigley and Professor Danielle Celermajer 

The University of Sydney Philosophy Society’s (PhilSoc) Philosophy on the Ground series takes everyday issues in the public discourse and shows how philosophy can enrich our discussion of these topics. In doing this, PhilSoc aims to show that philosophy is far from an outdated or abstract discipline, but something in which everyone can participate and have a voice. The events will take various forms, including debates, discussions and workshops, and engage with experts at Sydney University as well as community actors. 

For the inaugural event, PhilSoc, in association with the Sydney Environment Institute, will host a moderated conversation on environmental ethics in a world in the throes of climate change. What are the obligations owed between ourselves, the environment and future generations? The guest speakers at this event are Sydney University academics, Dr Killian Quigley (Department of English) and Professor Danielle Celermajer (Department of Sociology and Social Policy). Dr Quigley has a broad background in environmental humanities, with a focus on theories of the ocean where he has been a contributor to the Open Learning Environment course Global Ethics: The Great Barrier Reef. Professor Celermajer has researched extensively on human rights policy and is director of the Multispecies Justice Project



Danielle Celermajer is a Professor of Sociology and Social Policy at the University of Sydney. Her research stands at the interface of theories exploring the multi-dimensional nature of injustice and the practice of human rights, focusing on the relational intra-space between human and non-human animals. Along with her multispecies community, she has recently lived through the NSW fires, writing in the face of their experience of the “killing of everything”, which she calls “omnicide”. Danielle is the Research Lead on Concepts and Practices of Multispecies Justice. Her publications include Sins of the Nation and the Ritual of Apology (Cambridge, 2009) and The Prevention of Torture; An Ecological Approach (Cambridge, 2018).

Sam Naylor (Chair) is the Secretary of PhilSoc and a fourth-year student of a Bachelor of Laws / Bachelor of Economics degree at the University of Sydney. His interest in applied philosophy was piqued through his involvement in student societies and an ethics course while on exchange at SciencesPo Paris in 2018.

Killian Quigley is a Postdoctoral Researcher at the Sydney Environment Institute. His research spans literary history, aesthetic theory, the history of science, colonial and postcolonial studies, historical geography, and the environmental humanities. He is co-editor of The Aesthetics of the Undersea, author of articles on plasticmarine pastoral, and other subjects, and was researcher in residence, recently, with Works on Water/Underwater New York. He is the Research Lead on Unsettling Ecological Poetics and Ocean Ontologies.