Pokémon GO and the politics of public space – a Geodude’s perspective

Wednesday 24 August 2016
1.00 - 2.00pm

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Madsen Rm 449, Madsen Building, Eastern Ave, The University of Sydney


Explore current innovations in geographical research and cutting edge trends in socio- spatial theory throughout this seminar series.

Geographers and the Environment with Alistair Sisson (Geosciences post-grad) 

Kurt Iveson

As Pokémon GO maintains its place at the top of the app charts, and as streets and parks across dozens of cities continue to be populated by screen-illuminated trainers trying to find and evolve their digital critters, it’s worth asking a few questions about the kind of ‘play’ that is going on here. This paper will examine the game from a geographical perspective, focusing especially on the interesting ways in which game play both reflects, and potentially disrupts, the politics of public space in our digitally-networked urban environments.