Requiem: Rescript

Rescript Spotted Pardalote by Julie Vulcan
Sunday 17 January 2021
12.00 - 3.00pm

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Paddington Reservoir
251-255 Oxford St, Paddington, NSW



Sydney Festival

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Created by Julie Vulcan and presented by the Sydney Environment Institute

A ritual for living and ongoing connection.
A muslin handkerchief. A knot to remember. A name. A loved one returned. Ash as rescript. Temporarily transporting ash from the land of her post-fire home Julie creates a space to honour the loss of non-human life during the black summer fires while acknowledging new beginnings.

Julie Vulcan is an independent Sydney based artist working across multiple forms.  Creative outcomes include objects, performance & installation, text & digital media, and durational & site-responsive work. Alongside her solo practice Julie is a facilitator, collaborator and mentor. Deep research processes underpin much of her work developed through intensive residencies, participatory laboratories and interdisciplinary exchange. Current projects are embedded in dark ecologies, relational practices, and speculative fictions as tools for reimagining humans in consort with human and more than human worlds for ongoing survival. Her highly stylised and visual aesthetic appears in urban and regional sites, theatres, galleries, windows, events, clubs, online and sometimes unexpected places.


This is a free event, registration is required due to limited numbers complying with NSW Covid restrictions. For more information, visit the 2021 Sydney Festival website.