Resourcing Scholar-Activism

Image supplied by Paul Routledge
Friday 29 June 2018
9.00 - 1.00pm

This event has passed


Seminar Room, Level 6
Charles Perkins Centre
University of Sydney


A Workshop on scholar activism

This workshop will provide an interactive forum for academic staff and postgraduates to discuss the challenges and opportunities of scholar-activism in the context of the neoliberal university.

Suggested readings:

Derickson K D and Routledge P 2015: ‘Resourcing Scholar-Activism: Collaboration, Transformation, and the Production of Knowledge’ The Professional Geographer, 67, 1, 1-7.

Routledge, P. and Derickson, K. D. 2015: ‘Situated solidarities and the practice of scholar- activism’Environment and Planning D: Society and Space 33, 3, 391-407


Professor Paul Routledge, Leadership Chair in Contentious Politics and Social Change, University of Leeds


Professor David SchlosbergProfessor of Environmental Politics and Co-Director of the Sydney Environmental Institute, University of Sydney


Professor Paul Routledge‘s research interests include critical geopolitics, climate change, social justice, civil society, the environment, and social movements. He has long-standing research interests concerning development, environment and the practices of social movements in the Global South, particularly South Asia and Southeast Asia, and in the Global North. In particular, his research has been concerned with two key areas of interest: the spatiality of social movements in the Global South and Global North; and the practical, political and ethical challenges of scholar activism.

Professor David Schlosberg‘s work focuses on environmental political theory, environmental and climate justice, climate adaptation planning and policy, and contemporary environmental movements. His current book project is on sustainable materialism, or the environmentalism of the practices of everyday life.

This is a closed workshop.