Sea Time: Tales, Temporalities, and Anthropocene Oceans

Image by Le gray, 'Brig on the Water' from the MET
Wednesday 13 June 2018
9.00 - 5.00pm

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Holme Building, Science Road, University of Sydney



University of Edinburgh

This workshop is part of a Partnership Collaboration awarded to SEI, which aims to develop research collaborations between scholars in environmental humanities and social sciences at the University of Sydney and Edinburgh.

Sea Time asks how marine spaces, processes, and lives interact with structures and experiences of time and narrative, and what these interactions mean in an era of anthropogenic climate change. This two-day workshop’s methods and materials issue from diverse disciplinary identities and practices – from cultural studies, marine biology, indigenous perspectives, speculative fiction, archaeology, curatorship, geography, and beyond. Conversations may treat the transformations wrought by climate change, sea-level rise, and tropicalization; the consequences for sensory and embodied experience of immersion; the matter and motion of maritime waste; the relationship between situated seas and a world-ocean; the concept of an ocean commons; the natures and legacies of colonialism and voyaging; the meanings of littoral and pelagic claims to ownership and identity; methods for mutual learning and collaboration between northern- and southern-hemisphere researchers; and much more besides.

Sessions will be organised to enable unconventional dialogue, and to maximise discussion among presenters and all attendees. By connecting disparate knowledges and practices, Sea Time makes room for original questions, arrangements, and knowledges – for novel ways of keeping sea time, and telling ocean tales.

To register, please send a short bio to: sei.events@sydney.edu.au
Enquiries contact Killian Quigley: killian.quigley@sydney.edu.au