She Only Barks at Night

Wednesday 27 – Sunday 31 May 2015

This event has passed

A special performance from The Living Room Theatre inspired by hysteria in the 19th century and the art and science of taxidermy.

In association with HfE Observatory, The Macleay Museum, The Faculty of Veterinary Science and presented by the award winning The Living Room Theatre.

Engaging the community through academic research conducted in association with the support of the Sydney Environment Institute, The Living Room Theatre presents She Only Barks at Night.

What’s making these women hysterical? Look under the bed clothes of our three star patients! Weaving remarkable accounts of female hysteria of the 19th century and the controversial hypnosis treatment developed by Jean-Martin Charcot, She Only Barks at Night explores the dark misperceptions of the mind, and misconceptions of femininity, from the past to the present.

Contemporary performance theatre merges with installation, and exhibition to de- stabilise the audience’s mind. You’re transported from the street to Charcot’s theatre to a natural history museum. This production will change the way you see the built environment, museum curation and mental health in the 21st Century.

Along the way, the audience will meet Harry, a 7 year old Paint Gelding, standing 15.1hh with his trainer, equine scientist, Kate Fenner. Other major contributors to this multi-faceted production include gifted milliner Rosie Boylan (The Great Gatsby, Moulin Rouge) as well as talented taxidermist Gavin Burland. As with the recent LRT performances, the evening will be peppered with the talents of the returning actresses of Burwood Girls High School.

Be prepared for live dissection (of none of the above, unless they really misbehave), and full nudity (the horse and some).

As they say, never work with children and animals, for fear of things unravelling into hysteria….


Animateur: Michelle St Anne
Lighting designer: Matt Osborne
Sound artist: Julia Reidy
Costume: Lian Loke
Milliner: Rosie Boylan
Horse Trainer: Kate Fenner
Choreographer: Imogen Cranna

Performers: Imogen Cranna, Cloé Fournier, Lian Loke, Maddy Wilson, Michelle St Anne, with Gavin Burland, Lance Proctor
also featuring  Allegra, Amy, Molly & Rhea from Burwood Girls High

Clayton Thomas on Double Bass & objects
Shota Matsumura on Trumpet & objects