Speculative Harbouring Postgraduate Workshop

12 & 15 September

This event has passed

Engage with invisible aspects of Sydney Harbour.

This two day intensive walkshop (12 Sept) and workshop (15 Sept) offers an opportunity to engage with some of the invisible aspects of Sydney Harbour. From the microscopic underworld to the often-obscured cultural layers, we will consider place in new ways. On day one participants will walk along the Blackwattle Bay foreshore, stopping, observing, questioning, listening and considering the many speculative layers coalescing in Sydney Harbour—ecological, cultural, economic and political. Participants will also hear from experts from diverse disciplines (marine biology, humanities, fine arts), industries (fisheries), and Indigenous knowledge holders of the harbour.

Ultimately, participants will weave new interdisciplinary harbour narratives through the creation of speculative field guides that invite others to experience and respond to the harbour in new ways.

Participants will be invited to present on this project at the upcoming Sustaining the Seas conference (11th– 13th December). We will also encourage conference attendees to make use of the future-oriented field guides.

Workshop Dates:
Walk-shop: Tuesday 12 September
Workshop: Friday 15 September

Please send expressions of interest to kate.johnston@sydney.edu.au and susanne.pratt@uts.edu.au by Monday 24th July.
Include disciplinary affiliations, current research, and what you hope to contribute and achieve in the workshop. We will tailor activities to the group.