Stuffed, stitched and studied: Curators’ Tour

Saturday 17 January 2015
2 - 3.00pm

This event has passed


Macleay Museum, Gosper Lane,
The University of Sydney


Discover 19th Century taxidermy at the Macleay Museum

Join Dr Jude Philp, Dr Anthony Gill and Robert Blackburn on a tour of the new taxidermy exhibition.

This talk is part of the special events that coincide with the new exhibition, Stuffed, Stitched and Studied: Taxidermy in the 19th Century.

The exhibition explores the relationship between taxidermy and the science of taxonomy in the 19th Century. Taxidermy is the process of making a life-like sculpture of an animal from its own skin. To make an elephant one needs a wooden frame, a fish needs gentle stuffing, a kangaroo needs stuffing and wire too; for a caterpillar a small glass tube, a candle and cotton is required.