Sustainable Materialism Workshop

Thursday 12 July 2018

This event has passed


University of Edinburgh



University of Edinburgh

The workshop is generously sponsored by the University of Sydney and University of Edinburgh’s Partnership Collaboration Awards Programme.

Hosted jointly by the University of Edinburgh Global Environment and Society Academy and the University of Sydney Environment Institute.

Analysis of social movements that redesign and implement sustainable systems for the basic needs of everyday life is growing in a number of academic fields. The focus of this analysis is on people and groups engaged in environmental practices – food movements, community energy, sustainable crafting and fashion – rather than, or in addition to, classic advocacy for environmental policies. The emphasis of these groups is on the flows of materials (like food, energy, clothing), through our everyday lives. These practices prioritise design flows and systems that encourage more ethical, just, and sustainable consumption. For some academics, such action is inherently political, with a focus on collective action, prefigurative system politics, and ecological sustainability. For others, this materialist political action is understood as individualist or consumerist – simply a way of coping with the increasing disconnect between environmental values and a deteriorating planet. Either way, these movements and practices exemplify an increasing focus on an environmentalism of everyday life, or a sustainable materialism.

This workshop, is part of a Partnership Collaboration awarded to SEI which aims to develop research collaborations between scholars in environmental humanities and social sciences at the University of Sydney and Edinburgh.

This is a closed workshop.