Sustainable Materialism

Friday 10 November 2017

This event has passed


University of Sydney


This workshop brings together academics and activists to provide feedback and to discuss a (hopefully finished!) draft of David Schlosberg and Luke Craven’s new book on Sustainable Materialism.

The premise of the book is that we are seeing a shift in the nature and form of environmental activism. A whole range of environmental groups have emerged with a focus not on environmental policy at the state or national level, but instead on the development of new and more sustainable practices relating to food, energy, transport, and a range of other basic needs. Environmentalists are no longer just greenies in the forest or parliament! Schlosberg and Craven’s book examines a variety of these new movements and activists across the US, UK and Australia, from those working in community supported agriculture and alternative energy, to sustainable fashion advocates and the founders of repair cafes. The book explores these varied movements, and analyse their growth, popularity, and potential.


  1. David Schlosberg, Sydney Environment Institute
  2. Luke Craven, Sydney Environment Institute
  3. Julian Agyeman, Tufts University
  4. Leslie Lindo, BALLE
  5. Devita Davison, FoodLab Detroit
  6. Sherilyn Macgregor, Sustainable Consumption Institute
  7. Lisa Heinze, University of Sydney
  8. Alana Mann, University of Sydney
  9. Nicky Ison, Community Power Agency,
  10. Kathy Gibson, Western Sydney University
  11. Rom Coles, Australian Catholic University
  12. Bronwen Morgan, UNSW
  13. Elyse Stanes, University of Wollongong
  14. Gordon Walker, Lancaster Environment Centre
  15. Margaret Steadman, Tasmanian Environmental Activist
  16. Miranda Sharp, Melbourne Farmers Markets