Sustainable tourism marketing in national parks

Wednesday April 20th 2016
1.00 - 2.00pm

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Madsen Rm 449, Madsen Building, Eastern Ave, The University of Sydney


Oxymoron or pathway to the future?

Drawing on work that I completed for a recently published book Marketing National Parks for Sustainable Tourism​​, this presentation will seek to critique the historical interplay of neoliberalist marketing forces and conservation principles to achieve a sustainable approach to management in national parks. Recognising that a range of alternative (some might say sustainable) approaches to marketing including de-marketing and social marketing have already been extensively applied and critiqued in a national park context; in the present study we have aimed to take a step back and ask a somewhat provocative question. Principally, does tourism development in parks have to be seen at odds with the development of a sustainable park ecosystem as many park managers and others have suggested over the years? In this presentation I will unpack this issue with reference to a range of concepts including: power and cultural legitimacy.

Geographers and the Environment with Dr Stephen Schweinsberg (UTS)  

Stephen Schweinsberg is a lecturer in sustainable management in the UTS Business School. Stephen coordinates the core unit Integrating Business Perspectives, which is completed by all first year students in the Bachelor of Business degree. He also teaches in a range of research methods and other subjects across the Bachelor of Management and Master of Management degree programs. Stephen’s current research interests are in the areas of Honours pedagogy in business education, the social impacts of coal seam gas development in Australian rural communities and national park based tourism management. Stephen’s work has been published in His work has been published in the A* Journal of Sustainable Tourism, the Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Management, the Journal of Park and Recreation Administration and Parks and Leisure. He has also completed book chapters for Channel View Publications and Pearson. Stephen is a core member of the Cosmopolitan Civil Societies Research Centre and is the Honours degree coordinator for the Management Discipline Group.

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