The Nature of Cities in a Changing World

Wednesday 26 March 2014

This event has passed


Madsen Conference Room (449)


The Human Geography seminar series, ‘Thinking Space’ aim to engage with the human geography’s contribution to current areas of theory and controversy.

Next week we are very fortunate to have Assoc. Professor Dieter Hochuli from the School of Biological Sciences and our own Phil McManus, Professor of Urban and Environmental Geography .

Prof. Hochuli is a biologist who runs the Integrative Ecology group at Sydney University. His expertise is in insect-plant interactions and urban ecology and habitat restoration. His work focuses on the ecology of terrestrial arthropods and their interactions with their environments, especially with respect to the plants with which they interact. He uses multi-scale approaches to examine the mechanisms driving the ecology of a range of species, especially in novel ecosystems. His team works at scales from landscapes down to individual organisms. Dieter is currently working on a diverse range of research questions that integrate his interests in community ecology and landscape ecology.

Dieter’s talk is entitled: The nature of cities in a changing world

“In a rapidly urbanizing world, the conservation of natural systems in cities is often dismissed as a hopeless cause. I’ll discuss the past, present and future of Sydney’s natural world to outline what we know about these systems, the ecological services they provide and how ecology can help us best manage them for future generations.”

Phil McManus’ talk will provide a human geographer’s perspective on the issue of biodiversity in urban environments.