The Sea – Episodes & Imaginings Symposium

Wednesday 6 November 2013
Time: 9.00 - 5.00pm

This event has passed


The Theatre at the Australian National Maritime Museum


Examining the construction of histories through film, literature, theatre, museology, film, visual arts and music.

A unique one day coloquium examining the construction of histories through film, literature, theatre, museology, film, visual arts and music with a particular focus on maritime histories and cultures. It will explore the many facets of storytelling and interpreting maritime historical events through a multitude of creative disciplines. These historical narratives are drawn from primary and secondary source materials and can include oral histories, naval records, scientific and ethnographic research, ships logs, official records such as births, deaths and marriages, and passenger crew lists.

The symposium brings together eminent cultural theorists, historians, museum curators, documentary filmmakers, writers, composers, collectors and visual artists to interrogate and navigate through the complex terrain of public history, to engage in debate about the transmission and presentation of history, the role of historical fiction and specific genres such as documentary-dramas, musical compositions, museum master narratives and visual arts.

Episodes and Imaginings will be linked to the Sydney Climate Change Network’s marine environmental humanities and social science conferences being presented by the University of Sydney and dedicated to looking at Coastlines, the other focussing on Oysters.

The project also links to current maritime, environmental and underwater archaeological research through an existing Australian Research Council initiative between the ANMM/University of Sydney/Queensland Museum and Silentworld Foundation entitled –Cultures of Coast and Sea: maritime environmental, cultural and ethnographic histories of north-east Australia 1770-2010. The symposium also aligns with the ANMM’s broader interest in researching and mapping out revised master narratives for the development of the museum’s core exhibitions and future creative partnerships.