They Come for Them at Night

Friday 26 - Saturday 27 June 2015 7.00 - 8.00Pm

This event has passed


Dulwich Hill Laneway


Exploring sea level rises in the Pacific and its effect on family, food and memory

In association with Marrickville Council

Sea engulfs Dulwich Hill. Feel the experience of a climate migrant through installation, sound and performance on a suburban laneway.

What if suddenly you had to seek refuge? Imagine your home sank underwater and the struggle for food, land and livelihood forced you to flee. Drawing on academic research, field recordings, installations, sound and performances; could you cope as a climate migrant? Leave your doorstep and take a leap into the unknown.

This transitional performance piece from The Living Room Theatre weaves through a suburban laneway , with a narrative exploring sea level rises in the Pacific and the impact these rises will have on family, food and memory. You are invited to visit garages, backyards and rooftops to discover the stories of our neighbours,

Inspired by the Honours Thesis undertaken by Luke Craven, They come for them at night will create an insight into the fragility of our own safety and the humanity we find in times of great threat. Merging further research by Dr Frances Flanagan, Lisette Collins, Elisabeth Wale from the Sydney Environment Institute with sound an image and the work will be performed by local community members in an effort to truly understand the vulnerability of humans as we face climate change.

The Living Room Theatre hopes to contribute to a larger conversation between artists, creatives, industry and academia about the plight of the earth and its peoples. The textures explored in They come for them at night are part of the diverse fabric of art in Australia.

The performance features:

Animateur: Michelle St Anne
Composers: Julia Reidy, Lawrence English
Visual Artists: Suzanne Davey, Lucy Baird
Performed by:
Dr Frances Flanagan, Lisette Collins, Elisabeth Wale
Alix Pearce
Lian Loke
Michelle St Anne
Rhea, Allegra, Amy , Molly
Josie and Rachel Ritter
Oliver, Hayden, Eliza, Izaack & Liam