Thinking Space Series #3

Image by NASA, sourced via Unsplash.
Wednesday 13 March 2019, 1.00pm - 2.00pm

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Rm 449, Madsen Building, Eastern Avenue, University of Sydney



School of Geosciences

‘Thinking space’ is an established hour-long seminar series, held throughout the semester by the School of Geosciences. This interdisciplinary series aims to provide a generative space where new research from academics of all stages can be shared within the school as well as to a wider audience. Come along for some lunch time food for thought! All welcome.

This Week

Plastic and Pandanas: Interweaving Art, Activism and Agency in the Anthropocene

The reality and urgency of key issues of the Anthropocene like global warming, rising seas and gyres of ocean plastic, along with the impact of the nihilistic media headlines these issues inspire, is disproportionately affecting coastal and island communities.

The author’s research combines methods from environmental psychology, distributive justice and feminist epistemology to explore Pasifika and Torres Strait communities that subvert the methods and materiality of science communication. By interweaving traditional and so-called ‘feminine’ arts with environmental activism, these groups build community resilience, cultural identity, education, and ultimately form exemplars of how to strengthen individual agency in the face of global scale crises.

Liberty Lawson is the Content Editor & Knowledge Translation Officer at the Sydney Environment Institute. Liberty is an interdisciplinary researcher and writer, with a background in science and philosophy. She is currently completing an interdisciplinary PhD at the University of Sydney looking at the ontology of art-nature symbioses and post-humanist conservation policy. Liberty is currently completing a fellowship as a researcher for the ACU Blue Charter.

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