Who’s packing your lunchbox?: Eating at School and Work

Tuesday 4 October 2016
5.00 - 6.30PM

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Level 6 Seminar Room | Charles Perkins Centre | Johns Hopkins Drive | Univeristy of Sydney


As part of the Food @ Sydney Series: ‘Sydney’s Food Futures’ in association with Sydney Ideas

The food environment we experience most is not at home; it is the one we find in and around the places we work or study. Food courts, vending machines, corner stores and school canteens present a wide range of options for those of us eating on the run in the city. Unfortunately, our lunchtime decisions sometimes lead us to quick and efficient fast-food choices that weaken our performance for the rest of the day. To what extent should school administrators and employers be responsible for creating healthy food spaces or it is up to you – or mum – to pack a healthy lunchbox?

  • Associate Professor Teresa Davis’ main research interests lie in two areas. The first is in children as consumers, of particular interest is the relationship between advertising and marketing of food. The second area is culture and consumption where her interests lies in examining ‘cultures of transition’ such as consumption of/in childhood and migrant groups. Related areas of research include the socio-historical analyses of culture and consumption. Teresa is the recipient of a Leverhulme Trust (UK) the International Research Network Grant is titled Discursive Families: Comparison of Magazine advertising in two countries. She co-leads the Business of Health Research Network within the Business school and the Australian Food Society and Culture Network.
  • Tom Teffrey is a Sydney University alumni and is the AMP Workplace Environment & Wellbeing lead. He has worked at AMP for over 3 years, and currently supports AMP’s commitment to create a sustainable workplace and experience that improves the lives of AMP’s people. Using new and internationally recognised frameworks, AMP is continuing its transformation to activity based working with wellbeing a central pillar of workplace design and practice. Recognising the importance of workplace nutrition, AMP adopts a test and learn approach to workplace food environment interventions, and uses data to demonstrate and drive outcomes.
  • Eloise Howse (Elly) is a public health professional who has worked in both government and non-government roles. She currently coordinates ‘Healthy Sydney University’, a health promotion initiative at the University of Sydney which brings students and staff together to support healthy people, building healthy places, develop healthy policies and implement healthy practices. As part of this role Elly oversees the running of various research projects, and participates in a range of duties including the preparation of ethics applications, literature reviews, briefs, factsheets, policy reviews, and conference and workshop presentations. Elly is also a current PhD candidate in the University’s School of Public Health and Charles Perkins Centre. Her area of research is settings- or systems-based prevention of chronic and noncommunicable diseases in young adults.
  • (Chair) Dr Brian Jones After completing a degree in horticulture in Sydney, Brian went to France to do a PhD in plant molecular genetics. Combining his interests in basic science and horticulture, Brian has spent much of his career in Europe, working in fundamental biology and molecular breeding. Now back in Australia at the University of Sydney, Brian continues to work on improving yield capacity in crop species through the application of molecular genetics, but, having recognized that it makes little sense to incrementally improve yield capacity whilst wasting up to 40% of the food that we currently produce, Brian is now also investigating the contribution that urban food production and food waste minimization can have on the sustainability of the food system.