Working towards social justice for animals: SEI & HARN seminar

Wednesday 6 August 1.00 - 5.00pm

This event has passed


University of Sydney



Sydney Environment Institute (SEI) and the Human Animal Research Network (HARN).

Offering different perspectives on the histories and futures of animal advocacy

This event is organised by the Sydney Environment Institute (SEI) and the Human Animal Research Network (HARN).

Animals have been largely neglected by theories of justice. This workshop builds on the Sydney Ideas Will Kymlicka Public Lecture to imagine social justice for animals. Four speakers will offer different perspectives on the histories, and futures, of animal advocacy and re-conceptualisations necessary for developing a social justice agenda that includes the welfare and rights of animals.

Professor Will Kymlicka, Canadian Research Chair in Political Philosophy, Queen’s University will provide a final response.

Seminar Featuring:
Christine Townend (University of Sydney)- ‘A Personal Perspective on the History of Animal Advocacy in Australia’
Christopher Degeling (University of Sydney) – ‘The Publics of Animal Welfare’
Jane Johnson (Macquarie University) – ‘Patient Citizens – Rethinking the role of nonhuman animals in research’
Danielle Celermajer (University of Sydney) – ‘From blueprint to ‘access’: On the work of transformative praxis towards animals’
Response by Will Kymlicka (Queen’s University)