Yarning Circle: The Architecture of Multispecies Cohabitation

Image by Kristian Laemmle-Ruff
Saturday 29 May 2021
3.00 - 5.00pm




YARN Australia
Feral Partnerships
Tin Sheds Gallery
Architecture, Design and Planning, University of Sydney
Culture and Animals Foundation

A yarn about creating homes for us all with YARN Australia

As planetary conditions become less hospitable, the need for all earth beings – human and more than human – to find ways of being at home, becomes both more urgent and more apparent. How might we transform the ways in which we think about, design, build and inhabit our homes so that they become more hospitable to all of those with whom we share our worlds? What, in turn, do we need to do to be more attentive to and respectful of the homes that more than human others provide and create around us, for themselves, for others and for us? How might Indigenous knowledges and practices of living on country inform and nourish this call?

In this yarn, hosted by YARN Australia, we invite people who design, craft, build, inhabit, cultivate and transform domestic and institutional, public and private, indoor and outdoor homes to reflect together on how we might create kinder and more generous forms of cohabitation. The yarn offers a space to acknowledge how many of our practices of building and living have shut out beings other than humans (and also many humans) and how they have failed to recognise their offerings of hospitality.

At the same time, the yarn is an invitation to share stories about how we people have, are or are trying to create home otherwise, and dream about what types of homes an expanded ‘we’ might start to make – homes hospitable to all of us.

This event is part of The Architecture of Multispecies Cohabitation Festival hosted by Feral Partnerships, The University of Sydney School of Architecture, Design and Planning and The Sydney Environment Institute.