SEI in the Media: Alana Mann Talking AGRIFOOD on FBi Radio

Alana Mann was on The Friday Delicious on FBi Radio to discuss three things the AGRIFOOD XXI conference can teach us all about food.

Image by Indira Naidoo

Alana Mann appeared on FBi Radio’s the Friday Delicious last week to share some details about the AGRIFOOD XXI conference, including the food tours she’s planned.

The hosts wanted to know what three things AGRIFOOD XXI can teach us all about where our food comes from. Alana’s top three were:

  1. Climate change will impact agriculture in complicated ways and we need political action on this issue.
  2. Inner city gardening is an important form of food activism.
  3. Some communities haven’t lost touch with their food culture at all, and in fact have thriving local food systems that we can all learn from.

You can listen to the full FBi program and find out more about the Friday Delicious here.

Watch video og Alana’s AGRIFOOD XXI Food Tour below.