Anastasia Mortimer Receives 1st Place in Social Justice

2016 SEI Honours Fellow Anastasia Mortimer has been recognised for her academic achievement.


Anastasia Mortimer, one of the 2016 Sydney Environment Institute Honours Fellows, was on Monday night (23 May) recognised for her academic achievement in her undergraduate course. She was awarded the First Prize in Upper Level Social Justice at The University of Notre Dame Australia’s School of Arts and Sciences Awards Night.

Anastasia says she was very excited to receive the recognition in a subject she thoroughly enjoyed.

“I loved my time at Notre Dame and I learnt so much from my Social Justice Major,” she said.

“I never thought I would win 1st prize for Social Justice, and I am truly honoured to be recognised for a major I am so passionate about.”

Anastasia completed her undergraduate degree at The University of Notre Dame before moving to the University of Sydney to undertake Honours in Sociology this year when she was also awarded an Honours Fellowship with the Sydney Environment Institute.

She says she hopes to continue her academic success when she hands in her Honours project at the end of the year.

“For me the award puts into perspective that I can actually do this [Honours]. Honours is a tough year and I feel like this recognition has given me the courage to keep going and to keep me focused on my end goals,” she said.

Anastasia’s thesis is looking at the role of the Western Australian state government in mining on Native Title lands in the Kimberly and Pilbara regions. She’s particularly interested in the cultural and environmental implications that this has on Native titleholders and she’s aiming to highlight examples of social power abuse and dominance by the WA State government in discourse surrounding mining on Native Title lands.

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