Book of the Week: Pre-Released Chapters From Research Handbook on Climate Disaster Law: Barriers and Opportunities

SEI looks forward to the release of the forthcoming research handbook ‘Climate Disaster Law: Barriers and Opportunities’ edited by SEI Key Researcher Professor Rosemary Lyster and Robert R.M. Verchick.

The book in its entirety will be released in 2018. In the meantime, you can read the Introduction and two co-authored chapters from the Research Handbook on Climate Disaster Law: Barriers and Opportunities. To access the Introduction written by Rosemary Lyster & Robert R.M Verchick, click here. The chapter by Rosemary Lyster & Maxine Burkett titled ‘Climate-induced displacement and Climate Disaster Law: Barriers and Opportunities’ and the chapter by Rosemary Lyster & Robert R.M. Verchick called ‘Protecting the Power Grid from Climate Disasters‘, are also now available online.

The Handbook includes chapter contributions from:

Tim Stephens; Lavanya Rajamani; Christine Bakker; Jackie Peel; Maxine Burkett; Dan Farber; Lisa Grow Sun; Sid Shapiro & Katherine Tracy; Tony Arnold; Teresa Parejo-Navajas & Michael Gerrard; Susan Kuo; Robin Craig; John Nagle; Jonathan Verchuuren; Henry Weaver & Doug Kysar; John Echeverria; Michael Faure & Qihao He; and Scott Donald.