Call for Proposals: Special Issue Global Environmental Politics

Every year Global Environmental Politics (GEP) publishes a Special Issue on a specific topic of interest to its readership. This year GEP is inviting applications for either a complete Special Issue or a shorter Special Section. Proposals are due by 10 December, 2018.

Global Environmental Politics seeks to publish the best and most innovative scholarly manuscripts available on contemporary international and comparative environmental politics. The journal covers the relationship between global political forces and environmental change. Topics include the role of states, multilateral institutions and agreements, globalization, trade, consumption patterns, international finance, corporations, poverty and inequality, nongovernmental organizations, science and technology, and grassroots movements.

The journal also includes studies on particular environmental problems that span two or more countries, such as climate change, ozone depletion, deforestation, biodiversity, desertification, transboundary pollution, waste management, oceans and fisheries, and endangered species.

While articles must focus on political and policy issues, authors and readers will presumably have a range of disciplinary backgrounds, including political science, international relations, sociology, history, human geography, public policy, science and technology studies, environmental ethics, law, economics, and environmental science.

For more information about the application process and to submit a proposal, click here.