Earth Hour Event Brings the Plight of Ancient Sea Turtles to Life

A special Earth Hour event presented by The Living Room Theatre focuses on the plight of green sea turtles in the face of climate change.

The Living Room Theatre will be reprising their popular Earth Hour event this year with a performance of She [Still] Cries at Night.

This new work draws on research from Leah Lui-Chivizhe on the Great Barrier Reef’s Green Turtles, whose habitats are threatened by climate change.

Through the performance the audience will be asked to travel with the turtles as they learn that their homes and breeding grounds have been eroded by climate change, and keep trying to find their way back.

Leah’s research will be brought to life through sound, image and light with a cast that includes pregnant women, teenagers and a Nana playing the role of an ancient turtle.

This unique event will take the audience on a journey through Science Road at the University of Sydney and into the Macleay Museum during Earth Hour, where Leah will introduce us to the mysterious turtle shell masks.

She [Still] Cries at Night will address several environmental issues – the erosion of the beaches where turtles lay their eggs due to climate change, rising ocean temperatures and the plastic pollution in the oceans which the turtles must navigate.

Alongside Leah Lui-Chivizhe’s talk the performance will include a cast of diverse artists – concert cellist and sound artists, singers and performance artists.

Last year tickets to She Only Cries at Night, which was inspired by SEI co-director Iain McCalman’s book The Reef, sold out with in 48 hours and the performance received warm reviews.

Watch the trailer from last years performance below.

Saturday 28 March 2015, 7pm

Macleay Museum,
A40 Gosper Lane
The University of Sydney NSW
Australia 2006

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