SEI in the Media: Iain McCalman Shares Great Barrier Reef Stories on the ABC

Prof McCalman discusses the “extraordinary tales of human encounters with the Great Barrier Reef”

Professor Iain McCalman has been interviewed on the ABC as part of the “Conversations with Richard Fidler” program.


Iain is an historian with extraordinary tales of human encounters with the Great Barrier Reef.

His first encounter with the Reef was in 2001, when he participated in a BBC re-enactment of Cook’s voyage.

He was supposed to be the resident historian but discovered the show was more like Big Brother at Sea.

Iain has stories of castaways and explorers, of Europeans who were shipwrecked and then taken in by local Aboriginal people, where they began a whole new life.

Now the Reef is no longer seen as a terror, but as a priceless planetary treasure.


Listen here