INCUBATE Business Accelerator Grants Now Open

INCUBATE is Sydney University’s award winning startup and entrepreneurship program, supporting innovation by students, alumni and researchers.

Image by Vladimir Anikeev via Unsplash

The INCUBATE accelerator program funds, supports and advocates for researchers and staff who want to turning their best research ideas into world-changing innovations and initiatives. INCUBATE guides individuals and teams through the early stages of building a business through a series of programs, including early-stage startup workshops, and community-focused skill sharing events.

Over the past seven years, INCUBATE has launched over 115 startups who have seen over $35 million in investment, and created more than 400 jobs in a wide range of sectors. Applications are now open for INCUBATE’s next accelerator program, which commences in January 2020. Startups accepted into the program participate in industry-facilitated and informed intensive workshops and masterclasses. Additionally, startups receive support from a dedicated staff, over 100 industry mentors and advisors, and a broad network of people within the startup ecosystem who provide guidance and ongoing assistance.

Recent Success Stories:

DetectED-X — University of Sydney Professor Patrick Brennan developed a powerful online educational tool which has led to an improvement in cancer detection by 34%. The tool allows radiologists to test and assess their interpretation performance on radiologic images and improve detection. Professor Brennan took advantage of the INCUBATE accelerator program and founded the startup, DetectED-X which is revolutionising cancer diagnosis. “INCUBATE transformed our thinking [from] research-based to one of being much more aware of the commercial potential of our activities,” says Professor Brennan. “[INCUBATE] was able to take our approach, and in a tailored and effective way, shape what we do so that it was optimised and our activities demonstrated real commercial potential.”

Bioscout — CEO Lewis Collins is a current PhD candidate at the University of Sydney who developed the concept for his startup through the post graduate program Inventing the Future. With the support of INCUBATE, Bioscout, which builds intelligent sensors that detect and analyse airborne agricultural diseases, commercialised in 2018 and recently won the prestigious Agripreneur of the Year award.

Interval Weight Loss — Dr Nick Fuller from the Charles Perkins Centre had already transformed his research into a best-selling book, but was seeking help to take his research-based weight management process online.Through the INCUBATE program, Dr Fuller developed the skills to validate and build a business model for his application and collaborated with entrepreneurs from a range of other disciplines to strengthen his business.

Under the guidance of the newly-appointed Program Manager, Rabab Nasrallah from the prestigious George Institute for Global Health and Babraham Institute in Cambridge, INCUBATE provides a supportive, diverse, and intellectually stimulating environment for university staff and researchers of all backgrounds to turn good ideas into great businesses.

Applications are now open!

For more information about how out how INCUBATE can help you take your research to the next stage, book in a time to chat with the team to chat about your options or visit for details of the next information session here on campus.