Lisette Collins to Shine on the Big Stage in Sunny Queensland

Lisette will be heading to a conference on the Gold Coast to present the analysis of her climate change adaptation plan database

PhD candidate Lisette Collins will be switching the desk for a tour of an artificial reef after being chosen as one of 19 early career researchers across the country to participate at the 10th ACCARNSI Early Career Researcher Forum and Workshop on the Gold Coast. The event is designed to bring together researchers who are in the early stages of their careers and from a variety of faculties, with an interest in climate change adaptation related to settlements and infrastructure.

Thanks to recent coverage of her climate change adaptation plan database, Lisette was approached to take part in the event. It will be the second time she has an opportunity to present her research and analysis of the database to a larger audience, having presented it last year at the NCCARF conference. “It’s also an opportunity to work with other researchers with different focuses in the same field,” she said. “With the difficult political climate around climate change in Australia, it is important to be able to hold forums such as this and meet other people working in this field. We really need to support each other.”

While much of the program involves talks and workshops regarding the various research, it also includes a case study and field trip to Narrowneck artificial reef on the Gold Coast, which has been deemed a successful example of how coastal management measures can improve the quality of the natural environment. Lisette is particularly looking forward to the trip, as the ocean is an area of research that always captures her interest. “Working in climate change, you read about a lot of dooms day stuff and you tend to get desensitized at times. But research about the ocean scares me every time. We know very little about our oceans but they are clearly taking a toll,” she said.

With councils across Australia already taking on board Lisette’s database, since it was completed about a year ago, she hopes more will discover its usefulness following the conference. “My database has been utilised by the Climate Change Coordinator of the Western Australia Local Government Association among other institutions, which felt good and that’s what I hope to achieve again,” she said.

The event runs from the 20-22 July 2015 

Lisette is a PhD candidate in the Department of Government and International Relations at the University of Sydney, specialising in climate change adaptation policy at the local government level across Australia.


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