SEI in the Media: Coverage of Chris Wright’s New Book

Professor Wright chats with the ABC and Sky on climate change & corporations.

Professor Christopher Wright, Convenor of the Balanced Enterprise Research Network, has released his latest book, Climate Change, Capitalism, and Corporations: Processes of Creative Self-Destruction. It is based on research he and Professor Daniel Nyberg from the University of Newcastle have been conducting over the last 6 years – “exploring the complex relationship that the corporate world has with climate change and the central role corporations play in shaping political and social responses to the climate crisis”.

The book has drawn widespread media coverage including the following:

“‘Greening’ the economy won’t stop climate change”
Here is their RN Drive radio interview with Patricia Karvales from Mon 5 October 2015:

‘Big business must put ‘planet over profit’
Prof Wright also spoke with Helen Dalley on the Sky Business News Channel on Tues 6 October 2015

Chris will be speaking with other panellists on Mon 19 Oct to explore the links between corporate capitalism and human-induced climate disruption, the dominance of a ‘fossil fuels forever’ imaginary, and the possibility of alternatives to ‘business as usual’.