The Re-(E)mergence of Nature in Culture Multimedia Series

Lead by Dr Christine Winter, this series of podcasts and articles brings together leading Indigenous scholars across a range of disciplines to explore Indigenous thinking and practice in facing environmental loss.

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The Re-(E)mergence of Nature in Culture

In 2017, the Sydney Environment Institute hosted a highly successful workshop, The Emergence of Nature in Culture, examining the intersections of nature and culture in Indigenous cosmology, philosophy, culture and literature. Lead by Dr Christine Winter, we revisited these themes in July 2019 with The Re-(E)mergence of Nature in Culture II, an expanded two-day workshop held as part of our NAIDOC Week celebrations.

This event brought together scholars of Indigenous studies, political science, psychology, literature, architecture, engineering, media, science, philosophy, medicine and animal studies, as well as activists and community leaders engaged in Indigenous and environmental justice into dialogue to gain a cross-disciplinary understanding of cultural and natural loss.

2020: Multimedia Series

This year we are thrilled to continue supporting and disseminating this research with a multimedia podcast and article series.

Over ten weeks, through a series of interlinked podcast episodes and articles, we bring Indigenous scholars from Australia and around the world into conversations about how Indigenous Peoples are bringing agency, strength, adaptability and determination to meet the challenges of climate change and environmental degradation.

By exploring the multitude of ways in which Indigenous philosophies and practices recognise the inextricable and complex links between culture and nature, we ask how this knowledge can be used to challenge large scale environmental degradation and mounting environmental crises.

The series, curated by Michelle St Anne and Christine Winter will feature scholars including Virginia Marshall, Jakelin Troy, Jess Pasisi, Genevieve Campbell, Sophie Chao, June Rubis and Mitchell Gibbs.

The first episode, with a conversation between Christine and Sophie, will be released on Wednesday 20 May,

Episode 1 with Dr Sophie Chao
Article 1 by Dr Christine Winter
Episode 2 with Mitchell Gibbs
Article 2 by Dr June Rubis
Episode 3 with Dr Virginia Marshall
Article 3 by Prof Jakelin Troy
Episode 4 with Dr Jessica Pasisi
Article 4 by Dr Genevieve Campbell

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